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Constantine Evans constantine at
Fri Nov 10 05:40:32 UTC 2006

Er, Linda did specifically say that /usr/tmp is present. Please take the 
time to read the question completely.


Benjamin Zeller wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 October 2006 04:55, Linda Hanigan wrote:
>> I apologize if this posts twice. I sent it earlier and it did not show
>> up. I am migrating a bunch of programs from RH 7.3 to Ubuntu. I am
>> having
>> problems with some of my  shell scripts. Below is the first lines of the
>> script through the line that causes the error and the error. This has
>> always worked even back to the 1980 with unix any idea what I need to
>> do? The /usr/tmp directory is present and rwx by the user running the
>> script. The script is suppose to create the file.
>> # Mprice_ prints missouiri price list
>> TEMP=/usr/tmp/price
>> show=MO
>> echo "What type of price list do you want? (Q P)"
>> read style
>> echo "How many copies do you want? "
>> read copies
>> echo "^[E
>> " > $TEMP
>> /usr/local/lbin/Tent/Mprice_: line 9: /usr/tmp/price: No such file or
>> direc tory
> Hi Linda,
> errormessage itself tells you everything that's wrong: /usr/tmp/price isn't 
> there, so create it or change script to "TEMP=/tmp/price"
>> Thank you so much
>>         Linda

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