new to ubuntu; have a few questions

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Thu Nov 9 21:56:58 UTC 2006

"Dwain Alford" <dwain.alford at>  said:
> so it seems that there is no way to make myself permanent root
> outside of the command line.

For file manipulation that's not really so.  See my previous post
concerning xfe and opening it from the command line giving it root
privileges.  Once open it is a GUI program; one only has to open it
from the command line to establish root privileges via <sudo>.
BTW, you also need to mount your other drive with 
<sudo mount /dev/(your extra HD) /(place where you decide).
I have a couple of empty directories on my /home/cybe file system where
I like to mount different partitions from time to time.  I use
<sudo mount /dev/hdb3 /home/cybe/otherspots>
           (or whatever it is)
and there it is!

Cybe R. Wizard
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