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Nancy Rudins nrudins at
Thu Nov 9 18:21:27 UTC 2006

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Jason Ribeiro wrote:

> sorry, that's what I get for doing more than one thing at once.  You
> said you had the .desktop file there...
> So ignore everything I said above:  when you click on options and then
> session options at GDM, it only gives you GNOME? and you used the
> ubuntu package?

Yes, I used a compiled version instead of the ubuntu version.  Perhaps
I'll just do a make uninstall and get the ubuntu version.


> On 11/9/06, Jason Ribeiro <jason.ribeiro at> wrote:
>> If you install fluxbox through the ubuntu repos it should create an
>> appropriate .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions (I think this is the
>> correct path, I'm not on ubuntu at the moment).
>> If you've decided to compile it yourself for some reason, then you
>> have a few options.  One option would be to remove your compiled
>> version and use the ubuntu version.  The other would be to create the
>> .desktop file yourself.  If you want to create it yourself, you can
>> use the .desktop file in the ubuntu pakage as a reference.  I believe
>> the fluxbox FAQ may also have some tips on this.
>> On 11/9/06, Nancy Rudins <nrudins at> wrote:
>>> I tried the man pages and the wiki but I can't seem to find how
>>> to change window managers on the login screen.  I've installed
>>> fluxbox and I'd like to have it listed as a login option.
>>> I have the fluxbox directory in /etc/X11 and the startup
>>> script in /usr/share/xsessions/fluxbox.desktop.  I just
>>> can't seem to get anything but gnome.
>>> Sorry if this is a stupid question.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Nancy
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