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Peter ubuntu at
Thu Nov 9 15:42:09 UTC 2006

All you need to do is add CNAME to the DNS: IN A 888.888.888.8888 IN CNAME

And then use Apache's Name-based virtual hosts solution:

That should do the trick.

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 09:40 +0100, n3m3s1s 4u wrote:
> Well I have been all over - read all there is about DNS and bind -
> Read Howto forums etc - but still seem to be stumbling on something -
> but cant put my finger on it.
> Here are my objectives but not sure if i am taking things further than
> i need and would really appreciate some help. 
> I have got a 123-reg domain - (here i am allowed to
> change everything on dns, nameservers, A records CNAME's etc.
> I have a Ubuntu -server installation on my personal home machine
> (running at the moment as a virtual machine Until i get things right) 
> I have pointed my domain name to the external (static) Ip address of
> my router - 888.888.888.888 (for eg)
> I have configure my router to forward ports on 8080, 80, 23, 21, 110,
> 10000 etc etc to the internal ip address (static)
> My true intentions are : to have multiple webpages under my domain
> name : like - and and once
> i have email set up for EVERYTHING at to goto a web
> login at say (obviosly will have all the
> mail stuff set up according to the howtoforge guid on 6.06 perfect
> setup)
> Now I am not sure if i need it but I looked and attempted to use
> ISPconfig but this seems to confuse me more. 
> The front end to it all - I would love to use the Joomla system (as i
> know how to ue it for a single web system) but not sure what i need to
> do to manage more than one webpage.
> What is getting to me the most is DNS and nameservers etc. I have
> tried so many different things - but not sure how involved i need to
> be with the configs. 
> Do i need to have my own nameserver? and configure
> the control panel at 123-reg to point my name server to this
> and the (external or internal) ip address of it?
> when i edit the /etv/hosts file - - do i use
> or the external ip address of my router?
> do i need to edit or creater /etc/resolv.conf ? what do i need to put
> in there?
> If i need to create a nameserver - what should i do? (they mention 2
> name server are needed) but i have one server - what do i point to as
> the second server? 
> If i want to create a subdomain - - how do i
> go about doing it?
> Once this has been fully explained and installed and working - It will
> then be able to look into it to understand it better. 
> Any help will be muchly apreciated - 
> cheers
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