Firefox and spamassassin

Constantine Evans constantine at
Thu Nov 9 09:00:53 UTC 2006

That should be set in Spamassassin as the threshold value, should it 
not? Thunderbird only checks to see whether SA believes that the email 
is spam. Although I would certainly recommend against using 0.0 as the 
threshold value - 1 or 2 would probably be better as an aggressive 
filtering technique. 0.0 will likely score far too many false positives.

Art Edwards wrote:
> I have spamassassin working on my firewall box from which I POP mail
> with tbird. There are many emails that are flagged with low-level
> threats by spamassassin that are not initially marked as junk by
> firefox. Under Junk Mail controls in the Tools pull-down I have checked
> Trust Junk mail headers set by    spamassassin
> Is there a way of having any spamassassin score greater than zero
> initially marked as junk?
> Art Edwards

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