Update Manager

david david.georgie at mailinspain.com
Tue Nov 7 16:49:48 UTC 2006

Hi guys!

2 suggestions for you, made in good faith.

1	Available updates are (by default) all marked for installation. This
shows that I can download some 300Mb+. I have a Spanish landline, and
this is simply not an option. I now have to go through the complete
list, item by item, unchecking almost all. 

Every time.

This is not clever guys.

Is it not possible for there to be an option to make all updates
unchecked, so that I may go through them and only check those that I
might be able to download before losing comms?

2	I am clearly never going to have an up-to-date system and I am not
savvy enough to realise which are the most important from the point of
view of security or stability.

Now then, here is a cunning plan to make some money.

Burn a CD every 3 months (say), containing the upgrades only and sell it
by mail order.

You can put my name down for sure.

I am so pleased with Dapper that I intend to keep it for the full 3
years if I can. If it becomes so out of date and therefore dangerous to
use, I shall have to reinstall with whatever is about at the time. 

That would be a pain.

Hope you can help.

Best wishes and congrats on a superb product.

David McCrossan

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