802.3ad bonding doesn't appear to work properly with 6.06

Brian Knudson briank at martian-labs.com
Wed Nov 8 21:02:00 UTC 2006

I posted this on the forum but didn't get much response, sooo...

I've recently built up 3 file servers all using nearly identical
hardware. On one of them, I installed Suse, the other two got Ubuntu.
On the Ubuntu machines, if I run iptraf & monitor all interfaces, I
only see one interface of four doing anything (there's actually 6
interfaces, but only four of them are configured for the bond). On
the Suse machine, all four interfaces get pretty good throughput.

So something's wrong... it's either my config (which works under Suse,
granted, the format is somewhat different), Ubuntu's iptraf (which
I'm pretty sure is not the case becasue I just downloaded and
compiled from the latest iptraf source), or something with Ubuntu's
bonding module or ifenslave program.

Can anyone else verify, with iptraf, that more than one interface in
your bond is working? It's easiest to see by simply running iptraf
(available via Synaptic/apt*) & using option 2 which is "Genearl
Interface Statistics".

I show only one of the 4 doing anything.  That one seems to change
randomly when I disable then enable the bond (by restarting
networking through /etc/init.d).  Currently, the active interface is
eth5, but previously, it was eth2.  The bond covers eth2 - eth5. 
eth0 & 1 are disabled.

I'm happy to post my config here if anyone's interested. 
I'm using 802.3ad for the bonding module.  
This is connected to a Linksys SRW2404.  I'm using the same settings
on this switch that I used with the Suse machine that works properly.
I'm running the 64-bit version Ubuntu 6.06 (server install).  
Hardware is dual Xeons (EM64T), Supermicro mobo, Intel 4-port NIC on
PCI-X (and some other RAID stuff that doesn't matter for this)
My network consists of about 50 machines connected to three switches. 
The fastest machines are on the same switch as the server in


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