Xen on Edgy

Felipe Alfaro Solana felipe.alfaro at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 20:25:20 UTC 2006

On 11/8/06, Felipe Alfaro Solana <felipe.alfaro at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/8/06, Nils <elitepenguin at gmx.net> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I heard that Ubuntu supports Xen with Edgy. Also with Xen you
> > should able to run Linux and windows paralell and this should work
> > especially fast if you have an Intel Dual Core CPU.
> Intel Core Duo and Intel Core 2 Duo have the VMX CPU extensions that
> allow you to run Windows under Xen (unmodified), although I haven't
> played with it. Some AMD CPUs also have CPU extensions, namely
> Pacifica, that will allow you to use Xen hypervisor to run Windows
> under it (unmodified too).


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