Strange behavior in Ubuntu 6.10

Juan Carlos Becerra Irene jcarlos10 at
Wed Nov 8 19:19:12 UTC 2006


I'm a new Ubuntu user with not much experience using Linux (I used Fedora
before but not extensively).

I installed Ubuntu 6.06 and recently updated to 6.10.

The problem I have is this:

1. I'm working on a terminal (trying to set up subversion).
2. Then, when I try to open some applications they seem to open but after a
while they just disappear.
3. I run 'ps aux' from the terminal and I can see the applications running,
but nothing in the GUI.
4. When I restart the computer, everything works again.
5. Sometimes the problem is even worse because everything is freezed and I
cannot shutdown/restart the computer.

Has anybody had a problem like this before?

Any clue of what could be wrong with my system?

Juan Carlos
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