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On 11/2/06, Scott <geekboy at> wrote:
> Dimitri Mallis spake thusly on 11/01/2006 02:49 PM:
> > hi all
> >
> > is there a web site with a list of irc servers &/or there channels, to
> > get help on any topic/ random topics.
> > kind of like a irc only search engine?
> > doesn't have to be ubuntu or Linux related or even related to computers.
> >
> > I'm looking for a web site with such a list & i have been googling but
> > most search strings i try fill the search result with mIRC web links
> >
> There are scads of IRC networks and each has scads of channels related
> to different topics.  On most networks anybody can start their own
> channel, call it anything they like and use it for anything they like
> (as long as the network allows/tolerates it).
> Therefore it's pretty hard to pin down topic across IRC in general.
> Your best bet is to make use of the "/list" command on a given network.
> It will give you a list of all the channels in use (unless they're
> invisible).  Some channels are invite only.  And if there's a topic,
> you'll find a channel for it. Be warned....
> However, some networks are dedicated to certain topics (and sub-topics)
> as a whole. Freenode (irc:// being one of them.  That's
> the network that is part of.  Freenode is dedicated to
> Open Source.  You'll find a large number of Linux distributions with
> channels there. There's also a large number of individual (non-Linux)
> channels (e.g. KDE).
> Again the "/list" command (without the quotes) will show you what's up.
> If you're new to IRC, I'd recommend checking out
> Some of the information there is a bit dated and is also EFNet-centric
> (EFNet is one of the oldest IRC networks) but there's still a lot of
> good information there.
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