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Wed Nov 8 12:47:30 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 16:15 -0200, Carlos Barros wrote:
> PS: Sorry posting a Kubuntu question here, but I tried there and got no
> response, and I think this issue can affect Ubuntu as well..
> Regards
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> HI all..
> Yesterday I found out a very strange behavior in cups..
> I have a kubuntu machine conected localy to a printer (okipage 4w).
> It works just fine... Then, I have another machine (a notebook) running
> kubuntu too, and I wanted to print using a remote cups server, located in the
> first machine..
> So, I edite /etc/cups/cups.d/ports.conf and changed it in order to cups listen
> in my local network. In the notebook, I opened the printer wizard and selected
> remove print server (CUPS/IPP), entered my server IP. Now, it showed me the
> printer attached in my server, so I selected it, then selected the
> correct driver.
> Well, everything has gone well, but...
> When I print something from the notebook, I get some strange lines printed,
> looks like some printer commands, but not the page itself.
> I made some tests using a mandriva as cups server, and get the same problem..
> In my work, I have the same configuration (the print server is running madriva)
> but the client is a slackware configured via cups web interface.. it
> works like a
> charm, but when I setup a kubuntu to print to the same printer, again
> I get some
> commands printed..
> A interesting thing, is that if I use SMB to print, it works just fine!
> anyone got this problem??
> regards
> Carlos Barros

When adding a remote printer you need to make sure that it uses the raw
driver. I'm not sure how you do this with kubuntu.

On my ubuntu box after typing the uri of the printer you specify the
make and model of the printer, this is where you select raw (Make) and
queue (Model).

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