Flash Plugin in crashes firefox

Tchize tchize at myrealbox.com
Wed Nov 8 12:36:09 UTC 2006


- if plugin is installed as a FF extension (i have doubts), go to tools
-> extension, right click on flash and select uninstall
- if plugin is installed as a library, slocate the file
'libflashplayer.so' and remove it (either from ff lib dir, either from
you ff profile, depend on how it was installed)

When it's removed, use the ubuntu packages manager to install

Beware that is you are using a 64bits version of linux, firefox it won't
be able to easily load the 32 bits flash plugin as an application can
not mix 32 and 64 code. And no, there is no 64 bits version of flash
plugin. Current distributor of flash plugin do not seem to like non
windows or mac os x platforms, that's why i tend to avoid flash based
sites :)

OOzy Pal a écrit :
> I just surfed a page that has flash. FF complained about missing flash
> player plug-in and asked if I want to install it. I clicked-Yes.
> After installation, FF keeps crashing every time it opens flash page.
> How can I removed this player and fix this problem

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