Linksys WRT54G router

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Wed Nov 8 03:45:59 UTC 2006

> asks me for my WEP password, it tells me I am using the wrong one(even
> though Im using the one I set it as).  I havent really changed anything
> else.  And I know this is completely the wrong forum to ask this..
> Thanks again,
> CM

No, but you should look under wireless in the ubuntu forums.  there is a
little trick with  "open" and "closed" systems with network manager and the
keyring.  It is explained in one of the howto sections - you just have to
look around.  I promise (well kinda sorta) that once you get everything
going you will be a junior grade wireless expert.  BTW, I have one of the
open source wireless cards and it has always worked like a charm - two
stories up even as I type.  To get my laptop on wifi I have to turn off my
linksys repeater cause it thinks there are two signals.  Be happy - you do
not have to deal with norton, etrust, avast or any of that junk.  You have a
completely different set of challenges :).  Seriously, visit the ubuntu
forum howto section.

Again, I would recommend doing a complete shut down and restart of the
entire system (modem, router, box).  The Linksys web site is very adamant
about that and it has proven to be the eureka solution a couple of times.

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