Firefox hangs intermittently in edgy

Alain Muls alain.muls at
Tue Nov 7 07:35:47 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 06:08, ubuntu-users-request at 
> On 11/5/06, Eric Lemoine <eric.lemoine at> wrote:
> > On 11/3/06, Art Edwards <edwardsa at> wrote:
> > > Has anyone else had Firefox freeze?
> Yes, twice now and it's starting to get irritating.  I don't ever
> recall it on dapper.
> > What do you mean by "freeze" ? Do you mean you have to kill it
> > entirely and restart it to have it back?
> In my case, it happens when I cover it over with other apps, and then
> alt-tab back to it.  If fails to popup.  But, the frame is visible,
> just nothing within it.  I can click on the close button in the frame
> and, eventually, it will popup a window saying it's not responding and
> asking whether to terminate it.

I have exactly the same problem and I am running DD-LTS. I already reported it 
twice, I switched off all extensions/themes, switched to 2.0, ... but in 
vain. Until now NO solution found. It is so annoying that I avoid firefox and 
use konqueror instead. It is very bad for one of the main softwares coming 
from OSS. It was a prominent candidate for promoting Linux but now, I do not 
dare inform my friends Windows users about this problem because they would 
laugh at me



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