RAM Requirements & Floppy Boot

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Nov 7 06:06:13 UTC 2006

Asif Lodhi wrote:
> Hi,
> Secondly, I have an otherwise perfectly working 40GB Baracuda with a
> bad boot-sector.  Can you guys tell me how I can install Ubuntu on
> this hard disk so that I can boot from a 1.44MB floppy and work with
> the OS sitting on this hard disk?
> --
> TIA,
> Asif
Is the boot sector physically bad? Or it just had an error in it.
You can testdisk from a command line, either hooked up as drive to 
another system or running a live disk, I'm not if it's on the Ubuntu 
live disc, if it's not go get a copy of knoppix.
You can also run a reinstall of GRUB to the disc from the Ubuntu 
installer, using the recovery mode.


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