Cant send mail on my new Email Setup

wade at wade at
Mon Nov 6 19:45:35 UTC 2006

11062006 1339 GMT-6

On setting up the sending options I have checked user authentication but it, evolution, doesn't ever ask me for my password on sending email. And it should - at least once.


11062006 1336 GMT-6

I used the same settings for outgoing mail that I had on pop.
Ill just keep looking for something then.


in changing to IMAP for incoming mail you should have duplicated the
send settings from your old mail account so your existing ISP is used.
Assuming you have done this exactly the same as previous setup, postfix
is not in the equation for sending and should have no bearing on this.

I suggest you check that you have your send details in the new IMAP
account correctly setup.

wade at wrote:
> 11062006 0726 GMT-6
> I have fetchmail,postfix,dovecot setup for email.
> I use Evolution to get email as IMAP.
> When I try to send a mail it just sits.
> I finally get an error that it timed out.
> I checked the outgoing settings on my email client
> and they are all correct.
> Suggestions.
> Wade

Kind Regards Russell
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