file with no name -- cannot be deleted

ruscook ruscook_oz at
Mon Nov 6 09:04:35 UTC 2006

Could be a corrupted file system. You could try booting from the live 
cd, and running fsck on the file system (not what type it is and what 
dev/hdXX it's on before rebooting).

Be prepared to wait a while. I had a file I could not delete on a 273GB 
reiserfs system and fsck took 2 hrs to repair (stupid me left the fix 
switch off and ended up having to run fsck twice!). This may not be a 
bad option if you want to see what the utility thinks is wrong before 
letting it touch the filesystem - just be prepared to wait!


Barry wrote:
> I have an annoying situation. I had a directory with a large number of
> files that I deleted with rm -rf, but one of the subdirectories was
> left with a file with no name -- seems to be an empty string. It looks
> like the inode for the directory and the inode for this file are one
> in the same.
> First, I call ls -li on the parent directory and see this
> $ ls -li
> 4232799 drwxr-xr-x 2 user user    16384 2006-11-05 17:31 yyy
> So it looks like it has stuff in it, but there is no name to the file within:
> $ ls -li yyy
> total 16
> 4232799 drwxr-xr-x 2 user user 16384 2006-11-05 17:31
> Of course I get:
> $ rm -rf yyy
> rm: cannot remove directory `yyy': Directory not empty
> and,
> $ rm yyy/*
> rm: cannot remove `yyy/': Is a directory
> and
> $ rmdir yyy/*
> rmdir: yyy/: Directory not empty
> Different utilities say different things:
> $ du -sh
> du: cannot access `yyy/': No such file or directory
> 16K     yyy
> Can anyone suggest what might have happened and how can I delete this.
> Tia

Kind Regards Russell
Linux user #369094

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