fetchmail isn't getting new messages

ruscook ruscook_oz at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 6 09:01:28 UTC 2006

Hi Wade
120 secs is way too quick, if you've got  a lot of mail it can virtually 
stall on your system and put a huge overhead on your ISP.
As you've got two totally separate accounts and one of them was not 
there or commented out, I'd guess you've made a mistake editing 
fetchmail.rc when you've added the second account.

Please post the file, but first remove/delete you passwords from it, so 
we can offer some advice.

wade at wadesmart.com wrote:
> 11052006 1122 GMT-6
> I have fetchmail setup get email from two locations: gmail and my email acct.
> I have only been getting my gmail email for now because its a small amount and easy for testing.
> This morning I turned it toward my email account but I noticed that its not getting mail for either acct now.
> Its set to check ever 120 seconds.
> Wade

Kind Regards Russell
Linux user #369094

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