ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 27, Issue 26

Nikolai psalmos at swissinfo.org
Sun Nov 5 11:42:16 UTC 2006

Rebel Lion wrote:

>   Firefox is a memory hog and does seem to have a leak. If you leave it 
> running for a length of time it will slowly eat your memory, makes you thing 
> of windows and photoshop. Advice to avoid this hassle, close it down every 3 
> or so hours or if you really need to keep it running longer keep an eye on it 
> with top.

I know it's a common belief among Firefox users that it has an annoying
memory leak, some call it a bug, some call it a feature but there are
reports from some users, and I would count myself among them, that
Firefox does not show any memory leaks whatever. I leave it on for days
and it sits on its 28-30Mb of RAM space without sucking up anything. I
have a feeling, since a lot of people report memory leaks, it is a
combination of software/hardware problem, i.e. the bug manifests itself
under certain hardware configurations (memory chip/motherboard?) and as
such, it would explain why this bug is hard to pinpoint and fix for

My only complain (and since v2 I'm using Swiftfox rather than Firefox)
is that it crashes quite frequently with no apparent reason. Session
restore works great though to remedy this.

I would gladly use something else if things like adblock and downthemall
were available on other browsers, but I'm used to the idea that no
perfect software exists, save perhaps some text editors.

the truth shall make you free

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