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Sun Nov 5 08:40:07 UTC 2006

Il giorno sab, 04/11/2006 alle 19.58 +0100, Dieter Schicker ha scritto:
> John Dangler wrote:
> > I have a win box that I'm using for file storage and file sharing.  I
> > have two ubuntu desktop systems that i'm using for my primary business
> > workstations.  I also have a Lexmark X6150 printer that doesn't work
> > with Ubuntu.  I can share files between the linux workstations and the
> > win box, but my question is - Could I connect this printer to the win
> > box and print files from my ubuntu workstation without having to copy
> > them to the win box and physically print them from the win box?

> Sure! Setup a new Printer Connection in "System -> Administration ->
> Printing" and choose Network Printer: Windows Printer (SMB) and fill in
> the parameters.

But this DOESN'T  work since the shared Lexmark printer has no support
on Linux (CUPS). I've faced this problem just yesterday in my office
where there is a Canon iP1600 which has no support at all for anything
that is different than Win2K/XP.

Maybe if John is lucky there is a similar Lexmark printer that works
with CUPS, but he will have to pass through a series of tests.

At least this is my experience. :-/

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