Dapper on a PowerBook G3?

Harold Johnson harold.johnson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 05:20:10 UTC 2006

If you indeed have a *Pismo*, then it is not an OldWorld Mac -- it's a
NewWorld Mac.  And being a NewWorld Mac, the installation procedure
will probably be as you described it: "straight up".  It probably
won't require the same kind of hassle the OldWorld Macs demand.
(Though I can't guarantee it won't come with its own particular
installation horrors.)

Here's an update -- again for posterity, and for anyone searching for
information -- on my experience running Ubuntu (and Xubuntu) on my
PowerBook G3 machines ("Wallstreet 2" and "PDQ" editions).  After all
my efforts at getting Ubuntu (or Xubuntu) to run on one of my
(OldWorld) PowerBook G3s ("Wallstreet" and "PDQ" editions), I've
decided to return to OS X.  Though Ubuntu (especially Xubuntu) runs
really well from time to time, it's behaviour is intolerably
inconsistent: It freezes up throughout the day, sound is impossible to
reasonably manage, and some things simply don't work well enough.

Now, as the common phrase we hear so often (especially on the
Internet) goes, "YMMV" ("Your Mileage May Vary").  So anyone thinking
of (or making an attempt at) running Ubuntu (or Xubuntu) on your
OldWorld PowerBook G3 ("Wallstreet" or "Wallstreet 2" or "PDQ"):
You'll be able to get Ubuntu installed on your old machine, sooner or
later, but don't expect everything to work.  I dig Ubuntu, and am
particularly fond of its cousin, Xubuntu (which taxes your system much
less), so it pains me to post this as the conclusion of my

...so I won't.  I *won't* say this is the end of Ubuntu for my old
Mac; there's always the possibility I'll be installing Xubuntu or one
of the up-and-coming Fluxbox Ubuntu distributions (such as Fluxbuntu).
 Mac OS X has problems of its own running on these old PowerBooks --
speed (or lack thereof) being the primary issue -- so there's always
the possiblity I'll be returning to Ubuntu (again) after spending some
time running Tiger on machine.  That is, *once I get Tiger to
install*.  Currently I've only been able to get Panther on this

Until then,
Harold J. Johnson

On 8/30/06, mwilson <ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org> wrote:
> I also have an oldworld G3, however it is a black "clamshell" Pismo
> instead of a Wallstreet.  I think the Pismos were a little bit
> newer...mine has a 4.3 GIG hdd, but not by much.
> I currently have Hoary Hedgehog installed, and from what I remember it
> was a straight up install.  I formated and partitioned the drive
> completely and it was pretty simple.  I want to upgrade to Dapper and
> am fine to wipe and start from scratch again, but this post makes me
> wonder if I will issues with Dapper booting.
> Any input?
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> mwilson
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