Edgy + iMac G5 = weird network behavior

Mike Hore mike_hore at aapt.net.au
Sun Nov 5 01:50:53 UTC 2006

Hi Eric,

Ok, I'm back now...

>>> sungem            57124      0
>>> sungem_phy   19856      1    sungem
>> lsmod lists the kernel modules currently loaded into the kernel.  
>> Among
>> those modules are the device drivers. Here sungem is the name of the
>> network card driver. When I asked you to execute 'lsmod | grep  
>> sungem'
>> I wanted to verify that your network driver was sungem.
>>> Also, what happens if while you have the "connecting to..."  
>>> message in
>>> firefox you ping the remote machine and leave the ping running? Is
>>> firefox moving forward?
>>> No.  I have to click the stop button and reload or re-enter the  
>>> URL if it's
>>> different.  Otherwise it just sits there.
>> Ok. When you first described your problem I immediately thought about
>> a common driver bug, known as the "rotting packet" bug. The fact that
>> ping doesn't make your http request progress makes me think the bug
>> may lie somewhere else. Anyway, it's a hard problem.
>> Have you experienced the problem with other software than firefox?

I haven't got around to trying other software yet -- I should try  
email and whatever else I can.  I'll let you know the results when I  
get there.

> Another question for you Mike: does your machine have multiple  
> processors?

No.  Just one 64-bit PowerPC.

Also somebody on the Gentoo list asked me about firewalls but I'm not  
behind one -- I'm just running from home.
I'm also tracking the web forum for Mac users -- somebody had a  
network hanging problem which was fixed by doing
sudo ifup eth1 && ifdown eth1
or something like that.  I think I'm on eth0, not eth1, but I'm  
struggling a bit here.
Also somebody's suggested it might have to do with dns resolving  
timeouts.  He's given me some things to try.  I'm not sure about  
that, though, since I can ping names and it seems to resolve OK.  He  
suggests I look at /etc/resolv.conf .  So I'll try that soon.

That's all I can think of at this stage.  I'll play with it some more  
as I get time.

Cheers,  Mike.

       Mike Hore    mike_hore at aapt.net.au

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