Edgy: Slower X than under dapper [PPC radion 9200]

Denny Schierz linuxmail at 4lin.net
Sat Nov 4 23:06:17 UTC 2006


i'm not 100% sure, but me eyes tolds me, that the gui under Edgy is
slower than under Dapper.

Open windows, close other ones, switching desktop etc., it feels like honey.
I use the standard Edgy installtion under a ppc machine with the buildin
radeon 9200/RV280  (MacMini).

My X config:

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon [Radeon 9200]"
        Driver          "ati"
        BusID           "PCI:0:16:0"
        Option          "UseFBDev"              "true"
        Option          "DCCMode"               "true"
        Option          "MonitorLayout"         "TMDS"
        #Option         "EnablePageFlip"        "true"
        Option          "AGPFastWrite"          "true"
        Option          "RenderAccel"           "true"
        #Option         "BackingStore"          "true"

Does anybody feels the same?

cu denny

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