Edgy + iMac G5 = weird network behavior

Mike Hore mike_hore at aapt.net.au
Sat Nov 4 07:38:36 UTC 2006

This is rather strange.  I'm on broadband with an ADSL modem, and the  
network configuration seems OK (automatic DHCP).
But when I run Firefox, it seems to get lost in the weeds.  Usually  
fhe first site I look up will load with no problems, but when I  
follow a link, nothing happens.  The status message says "connecting  
to ...", but the modem lights show no network activity, and  
everything just sits there till it times out.  However if I ping the  
site, this works.  Then after pinging, if I manually enter the URL  
into Firefox, lo and behold it works.  Till I click on another link...

Any bright ideas, anyone?

Cheers,  Mike.

       Mike Hore    mike_hore at aapt.net.au

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