Is this a firestarter bug on edgy + power manager bug

Akshay Lamba akshay at
Fri Nov 3 15:59:21 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Just did a fresh install of edgy on my laptop in order to move from 6.06 
to 6.10. On installing firestarter (sudo apt-get install firestarter), I 
couldn't find the icon on applications menu. However, the application 
was working just fine when triggering it from a terminal window. On 
checking /usr/share/applications/firestarter.desktop, I realized that 
the line categories was missing. On adding that and refreshing gnome 
panel I saw the icon come up, however, in the wrong category which I 
then moved using the menu layout tool.

Also, post refreshing the gnome panel with killall gnome-panel, the 
power manager icon moved out of the docking area and came up as a 
separate window on my desktop. A reboot fixed that, however no menu 
options on the window worked including close.

A quick Google didn't throw up any registered bugs for these issues. Has 
anyone else seen them or reproduce them and give me feedback so that I 
can then write up a bug report on it.


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