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Roger Neth Jr baypos at
Fri Nov 3 06:05:56 UTC 2006

On 11/2/06, Michael B. Levy <mblevy2000 at> wrote:
> I believe the .xpt file belongs in the plugin
> directory with the .so file.
> Mike
> snip

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Please find the following from my
install log

post-install setup commands:
rm -f /home/rogern/.mozilla/plugins/
rm -f /home/rogern/.mozilla/plugins/nphelix.xpt
ln -s /home/rogern/RealPlayer/mozilla/
ln -s /home/rogern/RealPlayer/mozilla/nphelix.xpt
cp realplay realplay.bak
sed -e "s%#[     ]*HELIX_LIBS[     ]*=.*$%HELIX_LIBS=/home/rogern/RealPlayer
; export HELIX_LIBS%" realplay.bak > realplay

I've tried to copy and paste the and nphelix.xpt into the proper
plugin directory that mozilla-firefox is running from.

Any directions on this is appreciated.


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