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Frank McCormick fmccormick at
Fri Nov 3 00:26:30 UTC 2006

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006 09:09:52 -0800
Saurabh <saurabh.sid at> wrote:

> I don't the know the solution to the modem problem. But if you want
> to install kubuntu packages, you may be interested in buying the

> Cheatah 0#@!^ wrote:i am from india and uses a dial up intenet
> connection and also i have not able to configure my modem in my
> kubuntu 6.06. Even though if i'm able to configure it, i have a slow
> internet connection of around 40kbps and wont be able to install any
> application programs into my kubuntu.
> So i want to know whether there is any shipit for kubuntu
> applications cd. A lot of my friends also faces the same problem.
   Sorry can't find the original message.
   If you have SPECIFIC Kubuntu apps you need, tell me and I'll
Dl them and burn them onto a CD for you. 


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