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Marcelo Júnior marcelo.junior at
Thu Nov 2 15:54:45 UTC 2006

I recovered grub after a windows installation (using usb grub boot loader)
and now I got the grub list back. But selecting ubuntu for boot, the splaxh
stucks on the third line

Already tried a few workarounds on the forum for this thread, but still got
nothing positive as result
<> &page=5)


Using supergrub disk, The fix boot tool works (apparently
since I got the
“Done” message) but when I try the install on MBR tool, I got error message
19 (inconsistent filesystem)


Any help is welcomed..


Marcelo Antonio de Carvalho Jr

Engenharia de Soluções
Telsul Serviços SA 
Grupo Telsul Unidade SP
fone:55 11 50133312
celular:55 11 93873719  


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