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Felipe Figueiredo philsf at ufrj.br
Thu Nov 2 00:52:20 UTC 2006

That's a lot of questions you got there! Let's see one by one.

Em Tuesday 31 October 2006 06:26, Tobiasissml at aol.com escreveu:
> thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Unfortunately i am very 
> much a novice at these things. Although i do understand about paritions 
> generally i would be most grateful if you/somebody could tell me what are 
> the commands  i need to type in the screen to execute the process from the 
> beginning.  

If you don't have special needs (like RAID, LVM) you can get away with the 
basic partitioning scheme. If all you need is a simple desktop system, you 
should get the Desktop Installation CD, and use it to install.

> Sorry  :'( for example you say I should partition it with two ext 3 
> partitions etc. what do you type for these or is it all given in the CD. 

The above mentioned CD has a very nice installation program (as of dapper), 
that makes partitioning very easy, even in the case you must do it manually 
to preserve old partitions, or to select sizes for your particular needs.

Aside from partitioning, the pocess of instalation is quite straightforward 
and you should not have any problems. If you have connection to the internet 
with this computer, you can get updates, and other programs not available in 
the (limited CD). The recently released Ubutu version has the option of a DVD 
install, so you have more programs easily available.

> Speaking of which can i get this cd from cannonical or a linux software 
> vendor. - I live in India.   

Version 6.06 (Dapper) is available for free through ShipIt, at ubuntu's site. 
Version 6.10 (Edgy) is available at small prices, from various vendors.

Version 6.06 is the indicated one if you need software stability in the sense 
of a non-changing environment. Both versions should be quite stable in the 
sense of "not crashing/blue screen" usability. :)


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