Server site testing

Brian Astill bastill at
Thu Nov 2 00:03:03 UTC 2006

I guess the problem here is that I don;t know what I'm doing!

I have a website hosted on a hosting service which supports SSI.
I am upgrading that website and want to use SSI as part of the 

Obviously, I want to test my website pages before posting them and 
it would be sensible to do that on my system rather than find 
some way of doing this on the remote server.

I have installed lighttphd which also supports SSI according to 
its features list.  OK, now what do I do?  :-)

If you can tell me the steps I need to take I'm sure I can get the 
detail from lighttphd documentation - but at this stage I don't 
know what to look for.  After all I only need this for testing 
purposes - not to set up a website on my system.


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