Greetings! How many of you are using kde?

Carson Wilcox carson.wilcox at
Fri Mar 31 18:27:20 UTC 2006

I don't use gnome of kde primarily because they are
just to slow at least compared to windowmaker. Also
I'm a command line guy so I dont' use the menus much
I do set up the menus to some extent in wm, but not a
lot. I just like the speed and light weight compared
to some of the other desktops.

I don't use scim so I can't really answer that


--- Loïc Martin <lomartin3 at> wrote:

> WindowMaker has always been my favourite, but when I
> switched to Ubuntu, 
> its defaults (menus especially) where not ready to
> use, unlike Gnome's 
> default (and using Gnome's deskbar under wmaker
> kills the all idea of a 
> fast and responsive desktop) so I'm staying with
> gnome. Did you edit the 
> menus manually to suit your tastes, or does all
> application get listed 
> in the menus now?
> Second thing I'd like to know, how about scim input
> with wmaker? Is it 
> working?
> Thanks
> Carson Wilcox a écrit :
> > Actually I use WindowMaker, but still have an
> interest
> > in seeing whats happening with other desktops.
> >   
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