ATI Radion Mobility X600 on Ubuntu 5.10

Rob rob at
Fri Mar 31 05:33:43 UTC 2006

I am a first time Ubuntu user and the install went ok until I rebooted it and Xorg crashed.  I guess I
just need to know if I am going to have to do extensive hacking to get the ATI Radion Mobility X600
working on this HP Pavillion zd8000 laptop.  

I am now using FreeBSD where the ATI card works with the generic ati driver.  It also worked before with
Gentoo without anything special being done.

It would be useful to first know if I even
have any chance with Ubuntu before I go to the trouble of transfering to FreeBSD the Xorg log file and 
xorg.conf so I can email them to the list.  




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