How to cut a MP3 in half?

Thomas Betz tom at
Thu Mar 30 18:37:17 UTC 2006

Tom Betz wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> I have to upload an mp3 but its to large (and I didnt create it).
>> Is there a way to cut it in half and then upload it?
> Like this guy: <>
> I use and recommend MP3DirectCut to edit MP3 files, even though it's a
> Windows app.  

Urgh.  The download link at that URL is bad.

You can obtain MP3DirectCut at <>.

Make sure to download and install a copy of mpglib.dll, also available 

> It runs fine under wine, and in this case it has the
> advantage over Audacity that it doesn't do any conversion of the MP3
> file (hence retaining the audio quality of the original), it simply
> edits it directly.
> If there is a native *nix equivalent, I haven't seen it.

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