How to put a file in RAM (Was : Re: Clear the computer's memory?)

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On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 16:37:34 -0500, Phillip Susi wrote:

> Is there a way you can configure gpg to get rid of these annoying inline
> signatures and generate the signature as a mime attachment instead?

That is non-standard for USENET and I read this list and most others
through USENET gateways using my USENET client.  

I agree they are a bit annoying, but we can't seem to all agree on a
standard, so that's the way it goes. 

>> Use tmpfs for /tmp, then just copy the movie to /tmp before viewing it.
> tmpfs is not really a ram drive because it is swappable.

True enough, but unless you use up all your memory, when you copy a file
into it, it goes into RAM.  I've used it for that purpose.  

Besides, for this application you probably want it to be swappable.  You
are really caching the file for faster access.  If your system needs the
RAM for something more important then you probably want it to swap your
file out. 

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