Can't run X on new nVidia card and computer

'Forum Post ulist at
Thu Mar 30 18:35:11 UTC 2006

Hi I am experiencing the same problem. just bought a 7600GT graphics
card and tried to install ubuntu 5.10.

However, the install seems to get most of the way but when X is started
i get a crash and revert to text screen.  Up to this point I have only
entered a user name and passwd, not the root password.  So I cant do
sudo on anything.

So i tried to look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and yes i already have the
driver = "nv" in the device section.  I would just like to boot into a
basic X setup.  Im not that concerned about 3D acceleration right now. 
Can anybody advise?  Should I try Dapper flight 5?


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