Eric S. Johansson esj at
Thu Mar 30 16:22:40 UTC 2006

Clive Menzies wrote:
> On (27/03/06 07:55), Scott Clitheroe wrote:
>> Samba.  What's bothering me is that regardless of how permissions are 
>> set up on each share, I should at least be able to do a "net view" from 
>> the XP box and get a list of shares, not access denied.
> It may be an obvious one but have you set smbpasswd for users?

obvious to anyone who was acquired the scar tissue but really 
nonintuitive to the average user.  After all, they have an account, they 
have a password, they should just be able to share files.  I did open a 
bug on this sometime ago and it was agreed (I believe) that it should be 
fixed.  Maybe not with dapper but definitely Real Soon Now.

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