Mozilla Calendars (was Re: Online calendar software)

john levin john at
Thu Mar 30 15:05:21 UTC 2006

Sean Hammond wrote:


> I noticed that Mozilla Sunbird doesn't seem to be available in Ubuntu,
> and if I try to install mozilla-calendar it tries to install
> mozilla-browser as a dependency and then complains that the wrong
> version of mozilla-browser is installed.

You can install the calendar as an xpi extension to either Firefox or 
Thunderbird; download it from

There's also 'Lightning', ver 0.1 has just been released (so for the 
brave only), which is also an xpi ext for Thunderbird.

Sunbird, the stand-alone calendar from Mozilla, has only just entered 
the Debian repos, I believe. So it should show up in the repos for 
Dapper +1.



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