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Thu Mar 30 14:52:00 UTC 2006

How do get this to work?

First of all it asks for a URL 'publishing location' but it's not
clear exactly what this is. A path to a folder? A path to the exact
file? Do I give the ftp:// or shh:// URL or just the http:// one?

Second, once you've setup this preference, how do you actually make it
publish? There is a 'Publish free/busy info' button but that's not
what I want, I want to publish the entire calendar.

Is there a way to get it to publish automatically so the online
calendar is always in sync?

I tried adding a new calendar, making it an 'on the web' calendar and
specifiying the location of my ical file on the web, but this just
resulted in Evolution crashing a lot.

I noticed that Mozilla Sunbird doesn't seem to be available in Ubuntu,
and if I try to install mozilla-calendar it tries to install
mozilla-browser as a dependency and then complains that the wrong
version of mozilla-browser is installed.

On 3/27/06, Darryl Clarke <smartssa at> wrote:
> On 27/03/06, Sean Hammond <sean.hammond at> wrote:
> > I currently use the GNOME/Evolution calendar to record all my events.
> > But sometimes I'm not working on my normal computer, and I still want
> > to access my calendar.
> >
> > Is there any easy way to 'publish' an evolution calendar so I can
> > access it from anywhere?
> >
> > Or does anyone know of some good FLOSS online calendar software?
> >
> > I have a web account, so I can upload files and install web software on it.
> Yes. (I'm using 2.6, so some things may be slightly different)
> It's slightly tricky though, unfrotunately.
> There is a way to publish your calendar contents via SSH, FTP, (or
> anything else that gnome supports)   This is set in preferences ->
> Calendar -> Calendar Publishing tab.
> I haven't managed to get anything working two-way though.  I just keep
> my calendar on a website so I can read it if need be.
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