Help with Epiphany

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Thu Mar 30 11:45:44 UTC 2006


After the recent discussion, I decided to try dumping Firefox and 
switching to Epiphany. So far it looks good. It doesn't require nearly 
as much RAM as Firefox and it has most of the things I want.

There are a couple of things that are annoying me:

1) Epiphany's tabs are too wide, and they don't shrink when you have 
many tabs available. Scrolling through 15 tabs is not fun.

Does anyone know how to make the tabs smaller?

2) I set Epiphany as my default browser. So if I click on a link on 
Thunderbird it opens in Epiphany. The problem is, the page is oppened on 
a new Epiphany window. I want it to open on a new tab.

Does anyone know how to make Epiphany open on a new tab when called from 
an external application?

Any help would be appreciated.

    /\/_/   A life? Sounds great!
    \/_/    Do you know where I could download one?

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