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Michael V. De Palatis mdepalatis at
Thu Mar 30 00:07:17 UTC 2006

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 06:00:49PM -0600, Wade Smart wrote:
> 03292006 1758 GMT-6
> I did a search for bashrc and the only file I could find was
> dot.bashrc.  So I added the line to the end. I then
> restarted Boinc, but still get the message.

"~" refers to the home directory. So, say you've got a console
up. Type, for example, if you like gedit, `gedit ~/.bashrc` (without
the quotes, of course). That should do it. I have no idea what
"dot.bashrc" is.

One other thing I neglected to mention before... This will only work
if you are starting BOINC from the command line, and only then AFTER
you have restarted bash. This means you have to open up a new console,
or, alternatively, type `bash` to start a new bash process (there's
probably also another way to get the current bash process to reread
the .bashrc file, though I'm not aware of how to do this offhand).

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