How to promote Ubuntu Dapper?

Ali Milis almilis at
Wed Mar 29 22:41:14 UTC 2006


Thank you for sharing your suggestions and views!

Alan McKinnon wrote:

>> But when that person says:
>> "OK, I am interested, which distribution should I choose?".
> That's when you ask "What do you want to do with the computer?" and
> make a recommendation based on their needs.

OK, but:

> Ubuntu suits an average
> mass-market profile (web/mail/writer/calc) and some others, depending
> on how much customization the user is willing to do

If you follow other threads in this list, you will see that this
IS A PROBLEM.  The current ubuntu needs to much tweaking
which an avarage user is not capable to do.

Ubuntu is perfect if:
- you have a good Internet connection and not only rely to the single
  official installation CD ROM.  Not mention, that new users get
  pissed off once (while installing); for waiting Internet upgrade
  which their neither have not asked!
- you install once, and upgrade often. Again, Internet connection is
- you subscribe to the church of FSF/OSF. Most pagans are not
  interested in that faith at all.
- you can live with the "Debian Developer Lords" style,  where decisions
  mostly are made without considering the voice of the "NON-DOERS"
  (Users are not allowed to complain).

>> Therefore, I would like to hear from an Ubuntu Evangelist
>> on how persuade lay people to choose Ubuntu, especially
>> this coming Dapper.
> The secret is to talk as little as possible, and get them to do an
> install as quick as possible. The software speaks for itself and does
> a far better job of proving the case for Ubuntu than any amount of
> talk ever could. Once they see how easy it is to use, then ask
> questions about difficulties and troubles they have with their
> current OS and describe how Ubuntu overcomes those problems.

Thanks! It seems that "Silent is Golden"...

Raja Ali M.I. Ilias, Bengkalis,
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