Hibernation issue (Was working then I broke it by removing apackage )

mrwolff mrwolff at bigred.unl.edu
Wed Mar 29 20:07:52 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:

>did you get the good battery life? lol. I'm just wondering, I'm running
>on a Inspiron 6000, it doesn't seem to get as much battery life nor the
>speed. as far as reactions and shit. but I'm working on that. im sure
>someone here knows. there may be commands in terminal for such things
>(needn't always use the GUI way ;)   )
With windows I got roughly a little under 3 hours of battery life.  I
was trying to tweak Ubuntu out to do the same but at most here I"m
getting a little more than 2 hours.  As for speed, mine is plenty
speedy.  It is a Pentium M with 512mb ram and it is pretty solid at most
tasks.  I did more than a 6000 image import into Fspot and during the
process I was still able to multitask with other applications.  Stuff
like that used to bring windows to a halt for me.  One thing I did do
was switch from the i386 kernel to a i686 kernel.  I don't know if I
really noticed a speed increase when I did that or not.

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