does fat32 preserve directory name case?

nicola lodato nicola.lodato at
Wed Mar 29 14:53:43 UTC 2006

 FAT32 and also NTFS are case-insensitive. So, also working directly in
windows, is not possible to have in the same dir two files (or dir) that
have the same name.

Nicola Lodato

Duncan Lithgow said the following on 29/03/2006 16.24:

>the following shows the problem:
>duncan at ubuntu:~$ mkdir ABC
>duncan at ubuntu:~$ mkdir XYZ
>duncan at ubuntu:~$ cd ../../media/sda5
>duncan at ubuntu:/media/sda5$ mkdir ABC
>duncan at ubuntu:/media/sda5$ ls
>110-maj britt      abc           mamas_walk.mpeg     System Volume
>120-faelles filer  autoexec.bat  msdos.sys           tmp-win
>200-billeder       config.sys    nursery-rhymes.odt
>210-video          duncan-win    shared settings
>230-music          io.sys        software
>duncan at ubuntu:/media/sda5$ mkdir Abc
>mkdir: cannot create directory `Abc': File exists
>duncan at ubuntu:/media/sda5$ mkdir abc
>mkdir: cannot create directory `abc': File exists
>duncan at ubuntu:/media/sda5$
>mkdir in my home directory works fine, but as soon as I try to do the
>same in my fat32 partition it fails. Is this normal?

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