Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Wed Mar 29 08:20:57 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
> The above are indeed genuine concerns and I have not had the requisite
> time to tackle these issues. I am open to patches which can be
> submitted on an independent thread on the automatix forum and they will
> be included in automatix after due scrutiny.

I appreciate that you consider my remarks genuine. However, since this
package is from an ubuntu/debian developers standpoint of view so
broken, introduces grave security concerns to the user base and breaks
updates, I don't have much interest in submitting patches, unless I see
progress on your side in contacting us for redesigning automatix in a
way so that it doesn't interfere with future upgrades, provides means of
verifying the used gpg keys for apt and at least tries to follow our
packaging policy. Then we can even consider integrating/uploading this
to ubuntu.

I have the strong supposition that you are not interested in any of at
least these 3 concerns I have raised (I have some more, these are the
most grave issues I see currently). But I'm looking forward in you
providing evidence for the opposite.

If you want to contact me, me launchpad site gives information how to
contact me on irc/jabber/icq:


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