Local Apache server will sot serve PHP files

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Wed Mar 29 07:17:21 UTC 2006

PingunZ Wrote: 
> Ty Ralfe Poisson, I can now open my php pages :p

> Its pretty stupid that I always have to opent gedit with console ( sudo
> gedit ) to be able to save these files ...

> Is there any way to allow a user to save files in the /var/www
> directory ?


> Grtz LOrmor
I have not been so lucky. when I tried a2enmod php4 it said that this
module does not exist. I have installed php4 following the directions
of the LAMP wiki. I am starting to really pull my hair out with this
one. Why won't my apache server run my php scripts?

Thank you in advance for helping out this wannabe computer geek.... =)


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