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> Hi all,
> does /var/cache/apt/archives get emptied automatically.

In Ubuntu, it appears that by default it does get emptied regularly.

> I have been making copies of it to CD, went in to it this
> morning, only deb's I had installed in the last few days there.
> Everything else has dissappeared. Is this normal?
> many thanks in advance
> Take Care
> Winton

In Synaptic, look under "Settings - Preferences - Files " and click the
"Files" tab. You should see a series of choices including " Leave all
downloaded packages in the cache".

You can use the apt commands "apt-get clean" and "apt-get autoclean" to
delete unwanted cache files manually, once you set this option. I'm
guessing there's a CLI way to set this up, but I haven't really
searched for it, to be honest :)

"apt-get clean" is the more drastic of the two commands, removing
all .debs, whereas "apt-get autoclean" only removes those that are no
longer available.

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