John Vivirito gnomefreak at
Tue Mar 28 21:11:22 UTC 2006

Dennis has repeatedly attacked Automatix and me in the past, thus
openly flouting the CoC. Just a day earlier he called me egotistical
and clueless. I repeat: he is a germ who needs to be promptly weeded

As for me I have not signed the CoC and I do not intend to either
unless those who have signed and flouted it write me an email
apologizing for all their past mistakes and also including an assurance
that they will abstain from committing the same mistakes over and over


Why not not sign the CoC. I think Automatix might get more respect if
you defended your script instead of calling people names. If the risks
are as everyone says why not change it. I personally dont see any need
for it as everything is fairly easy to install. I dont think people
have anything against you personally, but i think its the "safety"
aspect of your script.

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