Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Tue Mar 28 19:23:38 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
> Dennis has repeatedly attacked Automatix and me in the past, thus
> openly flouting the CoC.

Criticizing your work is not an attack on you. Even saying "Automatix is 
a piece of crap" is not a personal attack. You can justifiably say that 
this would be an inappropriate comment, but it is not an ad hominem. An 
adhominem would require a reference to you as a person.

> Just a day earlier he called me egotistical
> and clueless.

On the other hand, you've done worse to other people, including myself. 
The problem with attacking someone who asks a legitimate question is 
that they are very unlikely to take your side in the future. Seeding 
resentment is a poor long-term strategy. It might make you lose out in 
the future for purely non-technical reasons.

For example, if Automatix and EasyUbuntu turn out to be completely 
identical in every technical respect, I would support EasyUbuntu purely 
because I got a good feeling for the maintainers of EasyUbuntu and a 
poor feeling of the maintainer of Automatix.

> As for me I have not signed the CoC

That is inconsequential. You (and us) are allowed on this list as a 
guest. Access to this mailing list is a priviledge, not a right. This 
priviledge can be removed for failing to abide by the CoC.

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