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> Thats why the numbers argument is relevant here.

OK, so Mao Zedong thought is the second-best philosophy in the world
(after the Bible) because so many people chose to buy the Little Red
Book and the collected works, then?

Argument by popularity is a fallacy.

> While Dennis Kaarsemaaker and his bunch of cronies keep spewing
> nonsense about Automatix on the IRC channel and here on the mailing
> lists, here's what was posted in the Automatix forum an hour back by
> NSR500:

Sock puppet accounts can be easily created and destroyed.  Acclaim on a
forum is literally meaningless.  As are reports about numbers of
downloads, etc. -- again far too easy to forge at will.  So trumpet all
your download stats and all your acclaim all you like.  It remains 100%

Your approach to questions and/or criticism?  That is very persuasive.

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