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Tue Mar 28 00:41:22 UTC 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker Wrote: 
> On ma, 2006-03-27 at 23:20 +0100, 'Forum Post wrote:
> > stop wasting your time here and go back to your usual job of
> spreading
> > FUD on the ubuntu IRC channel and kicking and banning people who
> speak
> > in favor of Automatix and how good it truly is. Thats what you were
> > born to do anyways and I must say you have really lived up to our
> > expectations. 
> We are not spreading FUD - we are warning people for your crap. It
> causes us in #ubuntu headaches and causes tons of reinstalls. Contrary
> to for instance the EasyUbuntu developers you have not yet shown that
> you care about your users. Instead you attack them personally when they
> raise issues which you always fail to address. In the Ubuntu IRC
> channels we try to help people. Recommending Automatix is not helping
> because of all the crap it does to your system.
> All you do on the Ubuntu IRC channels is getting frustrated because
> some
> smart people are helping other by not recommending the crap you call
> Automatix.
ohhh..... the following two posts which came in a space of one hour on
the Automatix forum surely substantiates your point about the crap that
automatix is:
> I just want to say "Thanks!" to those responsible for Automatix. I have
> 2 100% Kubuntu machines running very smooth because of your work.
> When I first started using Kubuntu I was a bit frustrated with not
> being able to play some media and because some website content would
> not function.
> I spent countless hours reading, learning, and trying to work on my
> issues. After running with Automatix, almost all of my issues are
> solved!
> I am confident in saying that Automatix has been a big factor in
> keeping me on this distro and more resolved to learning and
> experiencing Linux.
> Automatix! It was a gift!
> It made Ubuntu installations more comfortable.
> Nice work there dude!
> Thanks a lot.

This is what the "crap" which I call automatix is all about. Now go


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